Antimult came to the capital

Draft appeared on the Web April 1, 2003. Having started with an audience of 1000 people by 2005, a site with antimultami appeared in People’s Top Ten “up” Award Runet. Recently Antimult studio, based in Togliatti, opened a Moscow office.

7 August 2006 | april, audience, capital, dozen, man, project, result, space, website

Orthodox Gazenvagen “Can you equate bloggers journalists?
Do you still want to Moscow? >:)

• Pavel Durov describes a set of rules that guide the project development team VKontakte »»»
Today we publish a set of rules that guide the development team and support the site Vkontakte.
• Pavel Dourov décrit un ensemble de règles qui guident l'équipe de développement de projet VKontakte »»»
Aujourd’hui, nous publions une série de règles qui guident l’équipe de développement et à soutenir le site Vkontakte.
• Runet selects patriarch or Japanese is a gap »»»
The Action Team has established the laity in the Russian-speaking area of the Internet site to vote for the future of the patriarch.
• How to write kamenty to quickly get in the ban »»»
To high demand in kamentah many blogs, publish a step by step instructions - how to get a ban on commenting on blogs.
• Why is it necessary to use / or how to succeed in News2 »»»
Who is not buried, I’m not guilty. It all started with a nondescript news Dika: Special for dandy: In the barn girls.

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