Drinking Windows Vista

Operating system Windows Vista is currently available only as a beta version. Its final version will be released only in 2007, and even Microsoft could not say whether the OS will be released in the designated time. Meanwhile, the headquarters of Microsoft is ready to use Windows Vista have already appeared. You can find it in the refrigerator in white with a green stripe metal cans.

4 August 2006 | light, microsoft, oc, system, term, version, vista

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• Bill Gates saw in Moscow in the sale of Windows Vista »»»
During his visit in Moscow, Bill Gates held the presentation of the new operating system Windows Vista.
• Bill Gates vit à Moscou dans la vente de Windows Vista »»»
Lors de sa visite à Moscou, Bill Gates a eu lieu la présentation du nouveau système d’exploitation Windows Vista.
• Bill Gates in Moskau sah sich auf den Verkauf von Windows Vista »»»
Während seines Besuchs in Moskau, hielt Bill Gates der Präsentation des neuen Betriebssystems Windows Vista.
• Билл Гейтс увидел в Москве в продаже Windows Vista »»»
Во время своего визита в Москве, Билл Гейтс проводил презентацию новой ОС Windows Vista.
• Білл Гейтс побачив в Москві в продажу Windows Vista »»»
Під час свого візиту в Москві, Білл Гейтс проводив презентацію нової ОС Windows Vista.

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