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In one forest elephant labored successfully. He performed a normal elephant work in full, but the number of posts and the hare because rabbit received a salary. This continued until, until the poor fellow did not found out that in the same forest, a kind of rabbit, performing, of course, rabbit job positions listed on the elephant and the elephant calmly receives a salary. The elephant was outraged and wrote a complaint, check on the spot come the lion's commission. Last quickly understand the business. Flipped through the relevant documents, lions, unanimously decided …

22 October 2009 | elephant, forest, hare, p, salary, volume, work

New Erotic Calendar farmer Austria and Bavaria
Fair luxury activists Left Front threw pineapple and hazel

• Zoologists have asked not to bring to a heart attack scare the residents of St. Petersburg a huge hare »»»
In St. Petersburg, appeared on the streets Bunny impressive size has excited residents Nevsky district - according to eyewitnesses.
• In Primorye, workers forced to retire en masse "at will" »»»
Employers in the Primorye region of the financial crisis began to force the staff to write a statement of resignation on his own will, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the statement by deputy head of the State Labor Inspectorate in the province Tatyana Kuznetsova.
• Compassionate woman came out of a dying lion injured »»»
Touching story took place in Colombia, tender-hearted woman gets injured dying lion.
• Compatissant femme sortait d'un lion mourant blessés »»»
Histoire touchante a eu lieu en Colombie, tendre femme cœur se blesse lion mourant.
• Russians asked Santa Claus to do something with the crisis. And also to give a laptop, motorcycle and mobile phone »»»
The Russians believe that the New Year come true aspiration.

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