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10 photos, which makes amatours by Lukyanenko!

“… 3.” The Sea “(Beach, Sunset, Sand, Pebbles, Lenka)

- The photo beach (lake, pond), against which is (sitting, lying, running) beautiful (ugly) girl in a bathing suit. If the photographer managed to convince her friend that he - photographers, a friend without a bathing suit.

Deleted usually in the process of seducing women … ”

1 August 2006 | girl, girlfriend, picture, pole, sand, sea, sunset, swimsuit

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1. Foreign girl (even the former married for many years) is much more reliable than domestic.
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8) If you met a girl more than ten times and still not doing attempts to have sex with her, then now you go into the category of friends.
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Sought for a beautiful and funny photos? You found them.
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Fire: Arriving at the place of fire, suddenly discover that equipment is broken, no water, chainsaws do not work.
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We at the beach is great extreme fun: you are thrown on a banana and a boat for the cable on the sea drag.

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