On the advertising banners judge republican for the letter O in the names of Obama portrayed sickle with a hammer

Meticulous American bloggers managed to make a screenshot of the banner that appeared on the website of the candidate to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania on the Republican Party. Time to time, because after a while the banner was changed, reports TPM Live Wire. However, the draw of hackers is not excluded.

The text of the ad reads: "Are you tired of Barack Obama, Ed Randell, Arlen Specter and other" cones "Democrats, who govern our country?" Make them hurt where they feel it: in the voting booth! Support November 3 Republican candidates Joan-Orie Melvin.

Note: "Today-News": Arlen Specter - the senior senator from Pennsylvania, a member of the Democratic Party. Ed Rendell - Governor of Pennsylvania, a Democrat. Barack Obama - President of the United States of America.

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