The head of the UPC promised to jail all the officials for five years

The head of the investigative committee at the Prosecutor's Office (UPC) of Russia Alexander Bastrykin reported doubling in the past year the number of criminal cases related to corruption.

"If this continues, in five years, we have all the jail officials. And who is going to work?" - Results in "Interfax" the official word from the UPC.

According Bastrykin problems raiding, corruption and bribery - are the problems of society, not just criminal law. "We need to change something in the minds of people", - head of the committee suggested, adding that the UPC RF alone with these phenomena can not cope.

He also lamented the lack of literacy the law of corporate raids and the lack of legal responsibility of officials who are involved in processing transactions.

A day earlier, the need to strengthen the fight against corruption, said Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. At a government meeting, inter alia, stated that the country is still the company to obtain licenses have to collect "invented by officials literally from scratch expert opinions, all supporting documents spravochki.

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