To calculate natsdolga U.S. had to create a new calculator

In the United States created a new calculator for calculating the dozens of trillions of dollars.

As reports Associated Press, the new digital order calculator needed only to calculate the unprecedented national debt the United States, which at the beginning of September reached 11.8 trillion dollars.

Calculations of the values of this order, as a rule, did not need the mass consumer, because even the world's population will still be calculated in billions, not tens of trillions.

Disproportionately increasing the budget deficit of the U.S. economy was the main idea of the author of a new calculator, Matt Miles, who named his invention "too much debt."

The device is designed to sober politicians and alerted the nation, put up for retail sale for 12 dollars 99 cents.

4 September 2009 | agency, associated press, calculator, counting, dozen, order, september, trillion, united states

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