Unusual software bug and Shredinbag - classification of programming errors

Shredinbag - programming error, which does not manifest itself, but it suddenly occurs when someone will stumble on it in the source code or try to use it in unusual circumstances, and realizes that no system could work if such an error.

And the rest is in the same spirit.

30 June 2006 | classification, code, condition, mistake, presence, program, shredinbag, system

It will be in English “crowd lamer?

• Voronezh police officer accidentally shot himself during lunch »»»
In the Voronezh region militiaman cynologist patrol service police department during the afternoon was fatally shot in the head by careless handling personal side arm.
• Counsel stylist nose bitten off, protecting the right of men to privacy in the toilet »»»
In Memphis, the court entered an unusual lawsuit: 48-year-old barber-stylist Greg Gerbers accuses local attorney Mark Lambert that he bit off his nose during a fight.
• Tymoshenko in a new image Maria Devi Christos, or glamorous beauty »»»
As social networks react to the next change of the image of Yulia Tymoshenko Viewers of the program amazed hairstyle Tymoshenko.
• "Comedie Club moved to the first channel? »»»
Last week, visiting the new program Andrei Malakhov’s “Major League” were the guys from the Comedie Club.
• Want to get into the book - draw pipisku! »»»
Apologize for the awkward title, but otherwise nothing. The fact is that America is preparing to release an unusual book.

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