The apartment Yekaterinburg hatched mantis

Curious case occurred in Ekaterinburg: the apartment of one of the residents hatched praying mantises, said master clutch Stanislav Schaefer. Several weeks ago, Yekaterinburg family was vacationing in Thailand, where his son and found the grass withered, as it then seemed to egg mantis.

Upon returning home, an interesting finding was put in a cupboard, along with exotic fruit. There egg lay for about 2 weeks, and a couple of days ago because it appeared a huge number of pilgrims. First, the apartment owners were frightened and decided to fight mantises with a vacuum cleaner. Thus part of the brood had been destroyed.

Now Stanislav about 20 pilgrims, the size of insects in a few days after the birth of about 10 millimeters, plus the long legs. He has already contacted the Yekaterinburg zoo, and they have agreed to take pilgrims. Today the son of Stanislaus took the rare insects of the Urals in school, in addition, a few friends wanted to shelter “babies” at home.

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