Top-5, when GMail at Down!

It's not often we are encouraged by Google downgraded your mail server, but when it happens all over the planet groaning popular and gnashing of teeth! So invite your top-5 action, if GMail again goes to the Dawn!

1. Discuss Down on ICQ - just check only if you do not open mail - or at all, too, must suffer?
2. Try to break your old mailbox at Yahoo, or, (only to discover that tutbaevskaya mail is also on GMail - and does not work either), in case of success - read a lot of spam to the rest of my life!
3. Climb up to the forums and complain, complain, complain!
4. Write a similar article, because it still has nothing to do!
5. Learn (remember) how to give signals smoke!

Instead, of course, could simply learn how to send mail when not working GMail! Simply does not happen (unless you want to get acquainted with the world, in which there is no Google's …)!

2 September 2009 | action, down, gmail, google, mail, planet, server

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