Ukrainian MP - Belgian cows live better Ukrainian pensioners

"European standards for Ukrainians from Yulia Tymoshenko - a life worse than the Belgian cattle. This was stated today, September 22, MP, member of the parliamentary faction of the Party of Regions Iryna Akimova, a REGNUM correspondent in Kiev News.

"I will give a European standard. Now every one Belgian cow gets subsidies from the budget at two euros. Sixty euros per month, which gets a Belgian cow per month, just and adequate pensions Ukrainian pensioners", - noted the deputy. "I recall that it is Tymoshenko's government has deprived people of jobs, because Ukraine in the first half of this year, took first place in the fall of GDP, which amounted to 20%. This was the first attack on the welfare of the people. The second blow was struck by high inflation, which" ate "the remnants of people's incomes. Ukraine among the transition countries has the highest inflation rate this year. In most of these countries and, especially in developed countries in the first half there is deflation. That is why in the first half of the real wage Ukraine dropped by 10%, and real pension - by 6%, "- noted Akimov.

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