Bailiffs to collect the debts cats, cows and banana

In the first half of 2009 on the performance of the regional organizations of the Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP) of Russia had more than 26 million of the executive production of which was completed and closed more than 12.7 million This is stated in the message FSSP.

As a result, the budgets of various levels was recovered about 35.3 billion rubles tax arrears, 3.4 billion rubles fines for administrative offenses, more than 2.5 billion rubles performing collection.

"Premises bailiffs take away the very different properties, it all depends on the amount of debt and court decisions - told the press service of the FSSP. For example, if a person can not pay for the mortgage loan, officers arrested and traded flat. In the case of if there are outstanding fines, then as a property on which the seizure, may make a mobile phone or radio. "

Often bailiffs seize "exotic" things. "Recently, fines took a Persian cat, because the animals are also the property which could be auctioned off - told the representative of the FSSP. - By the way, once the cat was taken, the debtor is immediately paid the debt. He was also the case when for nonpayment of child support was arrested a few cows, but the debtor would prefer to pay them and did not buy the animals. Once marshals arrested a large quantity of bananas. Sometimes harm the debtor pays the debt of several thousand single-or nickels coins.

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