Clay "moment" turns 30 years

Website producer - the company Henkel.
I quote verbatim:

All-Russia creative competition "Art Moment"
In 2009, celebrates 30 years as the glue "Moment" helps you in life, and helps to develop creative abilities.
Glue "Moment" know everything. That is why the glue "Moment" is selected subject to the All-Russia Art Contest Art Moment. The contest is held among professional painters, sculptors of Russia, as well as students of art universities.

Извените, sobbing.

24 August 2009 | ability, art-time, company, contest, life, moment, producer, website

Hemorrhoids Beijing or architectural orgasm
Netanyahu: in my time, I explained to President Obama that Jerusalem - it is not a settlement, the capital of Israel for 3000 years

• E M O R I N A, competition for the funniest anecdote, aphorism, funny pictures »»»
We invite all who love humor, laughter, jokes, funny pictures and funny aphorisms, to take part in our contest “HUMORINA helds.
• Chinese students about Russia: "... one good people and one great country has already opened his broad chest to meet me" »»»
Among students of 3rd and 4-year students at Peking University, the Language held an essay contest on the theme “Russia and I”.
• Meeting of the Government Council on Competitiveness has become a sort of comedy of the absurd »»»
Head of Economic Development and Trade Herman Gref said that, as in Russia, “almost no competitive products”, the non-primary “export can be increased only by the supply of bananas from Russia to Greece.
• In Hungary, held the Miss Plastic Surgery ". The necessary condition for participating - the presence of at least one cosmetic surgery »»»
Obligatory condition of this competition is the availability of each
• English farmer won a contest for liars, telling the story of a trip to Scotland in a garbage can on wheels, which raced on the seabed »»»
The winner of the annual World contest liars, which was held in the town on the eve of Senton Bridge in the English area of Cumbria, the second consecutive year, was a local farmer, John Graham, nicknamed “Johnny-liar.

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